The first stage of any successful sale or commencement of any project, and the understanding of the needs and expectations is most important. At this time we would identify key components that effect system performance including:

  • Site limitations, terrain, communication distance
  • User and system operational environment
  • Desired system features, mapping
  • Number of radio users
  • And critically, budget
  • Commercial ACMA licensing


Information gathered to gain a picture of the individuals needs to achieve best results allows us to present a proposal. Our in house system design resource is also supported by the vast experience of our equipment manufacturers and suppliers. This support extends our expertise further to provide the best possible outcome using commonly known and recognised RF protocols we will customise software and hardware to arrive at the best solution. This may encompass:

  • P25 – digital emergency communication
  • MPT 1327 – trunking
  • Analogue conventional PMR
  • DMR – open digital radio standard
  • SCADA telemetry signalling
  • Solar powered radio sites